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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:
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DSSE:2009 Academic Year Seminars

Maria Grazia Vigliotti (Imperial College London)
Wednesday 27th October 2010
From Systems to Components: Constructive Methods for Product-Form Solutions
Prof Vladimiro Sassone
Wednesday 20th October 2010
Trust in Anonymity Networks
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 13th October 2010
Welcome to DSSE
John L Colley
Wednesday 23rd June 2010
On Proving with Event-B that a Pipelined Microprocessor Instruction implements its Instruction Set Architecture Specification
Régine Laleau (Université Paris-Est Créteil)
Tuesday 15th June 2010
A goal-based approach to guide the design of Event-B specifications
Prof Geerd-Rüdiger Hoffmann (Deutscher Wetterdien
Friday 4th June 2010
Ensemble Prediction System for Meteorology
Lucas C Cordeiro
Wednesday 2nd June 2010
SMT-Based Bounded Model Checking for Embedded ANSI-C Software
Dr David Haglin and Dr Jace Mogill
Thursday 20th May 2010
Center for Adaptive Supercomputing Software
Neville Grech
Wednesday 19th May 2010
JEqualityGen: Generating fast equality and hashing methods
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 12th May 2010
Recent Developments with Rodin
Tarmo Uustalu (Tallinn University of Technology)
Wednesday 5th May 2010
Resumptions, weak bisimilarity and big-step semantics for interactive input-output: an exercise in mixed induction-coinduction
Dr Bernd Fischer
Wednesday 21st April 2010
Program Repair as Sound Optimization of Broken Programs
Byron Cook (MSR Cambridge)
Wednesday 31st March 2010
Proving that programs eventually do something good
Dr Rob Quigley (University College Dublin)
Wednesday 17th March 2010
System Level Verification and Project COCONUT
Tom Hirschowitz (Université de Savoie)
Wednesday 10th March 2010
What is a programming language?
Dr Srinandan Dasmahapatra
Wednesday 3rd March 2010
Gene Regulatory Networks: computation, rhythm and noise
Joel Ouaknine (University of Oxford)
Wednesday 24th February 2010
A Survey of Classical and Real-Time Verification
Michael Jackson (The Open University)
Wednesday 17th February 2010
Structure and Reason in Software Engineering
Annabelle McIver (Macquarie University)
Wednesday 10th February 2010
Abstractions of non-interference security: a refinement-oriented approach
Austin M Anderson
Wednesday 3rd February 2010
Dynamic Effects for Multi-Thread Systems with Shared Resources
Dr Corina Cirstea
Wednesday 27th January 2010
Path-Based Temporal Logics: A Coalgebraic Approach
Dr Robert J Walters
Wednesday 20th January 2010
M-grid: a lightweight computational grid
Ehab M El-Salamouny
Wednesday 13th January 2010
HMM-based Trust Model
Mike Dodds (University of Cambridge)
Wednesday 9th December 2009
Concurrent Abstract Predicates
Dr Pawel Sobocinski
Wednesday 2nd December 2009
Extensive and adhesive categories, Van Kampen squares and bicolimits
Dr Sardaouna Hamadou
Wednesday 25th November 2009
On the anonymity in the Crowds protocol
Dr Tom Chothia (University of Birmingham)
Wednesday 18th November 2009
Traceing e-Passports using the Applied Pi Calculus
Dr Ashish Darbari
Wednesday 11th November 2009
SHRUTI: An Industrial Strength Formally Certified SAT Solver
Dr Denis A Nicole
Wednesday 4th November 2009
Combinatorial logic with loops
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 28th October 2009
Structured Event Refinement
Prof Vladimiro Sassone
Wednesday 21st October 2009
Exponential Decay in Probabilistic Trust Models
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 14th October 2009
Welcome to DSSE
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