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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:
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DSSE:2008 Academic Year Seminars

Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 28th October 2009
Structured Event Refinement
Prof Vladimiro Sassone
Wednesday 21st October 2009
Exponential Decay in Probabilistic Trust Models
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 14th October 2009
Welcome to DSSE
Tijs van der Storm
Wednesday 17th June 2009
Rascal: a domain specific language for source code analysis and manipulation.
Daniel Kroening
Wednesday 10th June 2009
Verifying C++ Programs that use the STL
Dr Andrew M Gravell
Wednesday 20th May 2009
What's Good About Microsoft .NET, C#, and ASP.NET
Prof. Kuang-Nan Chang
Wednesday 13th May 2009
Consistency Checking of UML Diagrams
Dr Pawel Sobocinski
Wednesday 6th May 2009
An introduction to the wire calculus
Hugh Glaser and Dr Ian C Millard
Wednesday 29th April 2009
The ReSIST Knowledge Base & Dependable Systems
Ben Potter
Wednesday 22nd April 2009
Network Enabled Capability - an Information Systems Engineering Challenge
Dr Giorgios Robert Economopoulos
Wednesday 18th March 2009
Faster Scannerless GLR Parsing
Mike Kay
Wednesday 4th March 2009
Transforming XML - the XSLT language
Prof Neil M White
Wednesday 25th February 2009
Intelligent sensors: Systems or components?
Dr Julian Rathke
Wednesday 18th February 2009
Cancelled due to building noise
Prof Bashir M Al-Hashimi
Wednesday 11th February 2009
Energy efficient and reliable embedded computing systems
Fabian Fritz
Wednesday 4th February 2009
Using the Pro-B API
Mike Kay
Wednesday 4th February 2009
Transforming XML - the XSLT language
Satnam Singh
Wednesday 28th January 2009
An Overview of Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell
Dr Robert J Walters
Wednesday 21st January 2009
M-grid: a lightweight computational grid
Bill Mitchell
Wednesday 14th January 2009
Behavioural Models of Concurrent Stochastic Black Box Processes
Dr Mike R Poppleton
Wednesday 7th January 2009
Structuring for Reuse: from B to Event-B
Dr Denis A Nicole
Wednesday 10th December 2008
The rest on "Multicores"
John Reppy
Wednesday 3rd December 2008
The Manticore project
Dr Denis A Nicole
Wednesday 26th November 2008
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 19th November 2008
Simplifying complexity & Identifying errors earlier in the lifecycle.
Prof Joao P Marques-Silva
Wednesday 12th November 2008
Solving Optimization Problems with Maximum Satisfiability
Geerd-RĂ¼diger Hoffmann and Ulrich Trottenberg
Wednesday 5th November 2008
The Petaflops Challenge for NWP and Climate Research
Dr Alex Rogers
Wednesday 29th October 2008
Agent-Based Coordination of Sensor Networks
Prof Peter Henderson
Wednesday 22nd October 2008
Open System Architecture and Software Abstraction
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 15th October 2008
Welcome to DSSE
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