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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:
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DSSE:2007 Academic Year Seminars

Dr Alex Rogers
Wednesday 29th October 2008
Agent-Based Coordination of Sensor Networks
Prof Peter Henderson
Wednesday 22nd October 2008
Open System Architecture and Software Abstraction
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 15th October 2008
Welcome to DSSE
Carroll Morgan
Friday 11th July 2008
The Shadow Knows: Refinement-based development of secure protocols
Dr. Dave Parsons
Friday 27th June 2008
Agile Methods, Aspects and Virtual Model Driven Engineering
Annabelle McIver
Wednesday 11th June 2008
Proofs and refutations for probabilistic refinement
Dr Oliver Kullman
Wednesday 4th June 2008
Foundations for branching heuristics
Hugh Glaser
Wednesday 28th May 2008
Semantic Web Enabled Support for Dependable Systems
Prof Peter Henderson and Nishadi H De Silva
Wednesday 21st May 2008
Studies in Open Systems Architecture
Prof Vladimiro Sassone
Wednesday 14th May 2008
Structural Operational Semantics for Stochastic Process Calculi.
Jose Fiadiero
Wednesday 30th April 2008
Foundations of Service-Oriented Modelling
Dr Florian Letombe
Wednesday 23rd April 2008
Improvements to hybrid incremental SAT algorithms.
Dr Robert J Walters
Wednesday 16th April 2008
More on RDT
Dr Pawel Sobocinski
Wednesday 27th February 2008
Deriving structural labelled transitions for mobile ambients.
Dr Julian Rathke
Wednesday 20th February 2008
Deconstructing behavioural theories of mobility
Tarmo Uustalu
Wednesday 13th February 2008
Proof optimization for partial redundancy elimination
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 6th February 2008
Deploying Rodin
Colin F Snook
Wednesday 30th January 2008
UML-B and Event-B: An integration of languages and tools
Dr Bernd Fischer
Wednesday 23rd January 2008
Applying First-Order Theorem Provers in Formal Software Safety Certification
James Worrell
Wednesday 16th January 2008
How hard is real-time model checking?
Dirk Pattinson
Wednesday 19th December 2007
COLOSS: The Coalgebraic Logic Satisfiability Solver
Ian Hayes
Thursday 13th December 2007
Real-time Program Algebra
Dr Simon Kramer
Wednesday 12th December 2007
Towards Interactive Belief, Knowledge, and Provability: Possible Application to Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Dr. Steven M. Drucker
Wednesday 5th December 2007
Information Visualization meets Information Overload: Building User Interfaces to Deal with Too Much Information
Dr Robert J Walters
Wednesday 28th November 2007
Visual Modelling
Kheiredine Derouiche
Wednesday 21st November 2007
Semantically Resolving Type Mismatches in Scientific Workflows
Prof Vladimiro Sassone
Wednesday 14th November 2007
Inferring Dynamic Credentials for Role-based Trust Management
Jean-Raymond Abrial, ETH Zurich
Friday 9th November 2007
A System Development Process with Event-B and the Rodin Platform
Chris Brown
Wednesday 7th November 2007
Practical Verification methodology for a complex High speed mixed signal design
Prof Joao P Marques-Silva
Wednesday 31st October 2007
Haplotype Inference with Boolean Satisfiability
Prof Peter Henderson
Wednesday 24th October 2007
A Theory of Web Services
Prof Peter Henderson and Dr Mike R Poppleton
Wednesday 17th October 2007
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