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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:
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DSSE:2006 Academic Year Seminars

Prof Peter Henderson
Wednesday 24th October 2007
A Theory of Web Services
Prof Peter Henderson and Dr Mike R Poppleton
Wednesday 17th October 2007
Welcome to DSSE
Dr Julian Rathke
Wednesday 20th June 2007
Taming equivalence in stateful higher-order programming languages
Joel Ouaknine, Oxford
Wednesday 13th June 2007
On Automated Verification of Probabilistic Programs
Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
Wednesday 30th May 2007
Coalgebraic Epistemic Update without Change of Model
Alessio Guglielmi
Wednesday 23rd May 2007
Introduction to Deep Inference and New Ideas on Normalisation
Peter O'Hearn (Queen Mary, University of London)
Wednesday 16th May 2007
Automatic Program Verification with Separation Logic
Dr Denis A Nicole
Wednesday 9th May 2007
Not-so-smart cards and not such close proximity: the cost of a cashless society
Andrew D. Gordon, Microsoft Research
Wednesday 2nd May 2007
Baltic: Service Combinators for Farming Virtual Machines
Professor Matthew Hennessy
Wednesday 25th April 2007
Towards a Testing Theory for Probabilistic CSP
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 18th April 2007
Refining reactive models to concurrent programs
Prof Michael A Leuschel
Friday 30th March 2007
Approximate verification using symmetry markers in ProB
Dr Alistair N Dunlop
Wednesday 7th March 2007
The OMII-Europe project and the impact of European Union funding
Hugh Glaser
Wednesday 28th February 2007
You Cannot ReSIST
Prof. Tobias Nipkow
Friday 23rd February 2007
Verifying a Hotel Key Card System
Dr Andrew M Gravell
Wednesday 14th February 2007
Software Engineering Education
Dr D Bryan Carpenter
Wednesday 7th February 2007
MPJ Express, and lessons from Java Gadget
Dr Robert J Walters
Wednesday 31st January 2007
A look at the Byzantine Generals Problem
Dr Mike R Poppleton
Wednesday 24th January 2007
Reusability with B: Towards Feature-Orientation
Prof Peter Henderson
Wednesday 17th January 2007
Openness and Interoperability - a measure of openness for Large Scale Open Distributed Systems
Alexandru Baltag
Wednesday 10th January 2007
How to Play with the Others' Beliefs: Dynamic Logics for Communication
Eerke Boiten
Wednesday 13th December 2006
Formal methods abstractions and cryptography
Prof Vladimiro Sassone
Wednesday 6th December 2006
Semantic barbs: what's in an observation?
Joe Kiniry
Wednesday 29th November 2006
The Java Modeling Language: An Overview of the Language, its Use, and Tool Support
Prof Vladimiro Sassone
Wednesday 22nd November 2006
Elements of foundations for computational trust
Dr Joao P Marques-Silva
Monday 13th November 2006
Model Checking with Boolean Satisfiability
Dr Bernd Fischer
Wednesday 8th November 2006
A Generic Annotation Inference Algorithm for the Safety Certification of Automatically Generated Code
Geerd-RĂ¼diger Hoffmann
Wednesday 1st November 2006
New Challenges for national weather services - by way of illustration: Deutscher Wetterdienst
Prof. David Chadwick
Monday 30th October 2006
Building a Modular Authorisation Infrastructure
Prof Peter Henderson and Prof Peter Henderson
Wednesday 25th October 2006
The Architecture of Open Systems
Simon Laws and Kelvin Goodson
Friday 20th October 2006
Apache Tuscany Project
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 18th October 2006
Verified System Design
Prof Peter Henderson
Thursday 12th October 2006
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