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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:
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DSSE:2005 Academic Year Seminars

Prof Peter Henderson and Prof Peter Henderson
Wednesday 25th October 2006
The Architecture of Open Systems
Simon Laws and Kelvin Goodson
Friday 20th October 2006
Apache Tuscany Project
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 18th October 2006
Verified System Design
Prof Peter Henderson
Thursday 12th October 2006
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 14th June 2006
RODIN - the next generation refinement tools
Linas Laibinis
Tuesday 6th June 2006
Formal Service-Oriented Development of Fault Tolerant Communicating Systems
Dubravka Ilic
Tuesday 6th June 2006
Formal Verification of Consistency in Lyra
Prof Vladimiro Sassone
Wednesday 31st May 2006
A Distributed Calculus for Role-Based Access Control
Richard Banach
Tuesday 16th May 2006
Retrenchments, Refinements, and the Mondex Electronic Purse
Prof Vladimiro Sassone
Wednesday 10th May 2006
Space-aware ambients and processes
Kung-Kiu Lau
Wednesday 3rd May 2006
Compose and Conquer?
Dr Bernd Fischer
Wednesday 26th April 2006
Certifiable Program Generation
Dominique Cansell
Wednesday 29th March 2006
Formal and Incremental Construction of the Distributed Reference Counting Algorithm
Dr Joao P Marques-Silva
Wednesday 22nd March 2006
Efficient Haplotype Inference with Boolean Satisfiability
Divakar S Yadav
Wednesday 15th March 2006
Formal Development of Distributed Transactions for Replicated Database using Event B.
Shaoying Liu
Wednesday 8th March 2006
Intelligent Software Engineering Environments Based on Formal Engineering Methods
Shamim H Ripon
Wednesday 1st March 2006
Relating Semantic Models of Compensating CSP
Edward N Turner
Wednesday 1st March 2006
Symmetry Reduction in Model Checkers of the B Language
Prof Peter Henderson
Wednesday 22nd February 2006
Asynchronous Web Services for Grid Applications - Validation
Prof Vladimiro Sassone
Wednesday 15th February 2006
Temporal constraints for concurrent object synchronisation
Prof Peter Henderson
Wednesday 1st February 2006
Asynchronous Web Services for Grid Applications
Nishadi H De Silva
Wednesday 25th January 2006
Elisabeth J Ball
Wednesday 25th January 2006
Modelling Multi-Agent Systems using the B-Method
Dr Andrew M Gravell
Wednesday 18th January 2006
Urban Myths of Software Engineering
Letu Yang
Wednesday 11th January 2006
Automatic Translation from B+CSP to JCSP
Andrew Edmunds
Wednesday 11th January 2006
Introducing non-atomic operations to UML-B
Hugh Glaser and Dr Denis A Nicole
Wednesday 14th December 2005
So You Want a Challenge? & Distributed Computing without Surprises
Dr Robert J Walters
Wednesday 7th December 2005
Hugh Glaser and Dr Denis A Nicole
Wednesday 30th November 2005
So You Want a Challenge? & Distributed Computing without Surprises
Victor Chang
Wednesday 23rd November 2005
Two Research Contributions in the 64-bit Computing: Testing and Application
Dr Denis A Nicole
Wednesday 9th November 2005
APr Prof. Geerd-R. Hoffmann FBCS CITP
Wednesday 2nd November 2005
New Challenges for national weather services - by way of illustration: Deutscher Wetterdienst
Prof Michael J Butler
Wednesday 26th October 2005
Automatic refinement checking in ProB
Wednesday 19th October 2005
Introduction to the new season
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